USPA Nationwide Security, formerly USPA or US Protection Agency,  is the nation’s largest private security contractor. Based in New York City and operating in every contiguous state and Alaska and Hawaii, USPA Nationwide Security Services offers security guards (officers) armed guards, loss prevention agents, canine security, event security protection executive protection (bodyguards) security consulting services and private investigations. Also, USPA Nationwide features a private prisoner transport team for high profile and covert operations. Michael Evans, President of USPA Nationwide Security and former CEO to US Protection Agency in New York City has been appointed by the board of directors as the presiding officer in charge of national affairs. Michael Evans is also known to thousands of security company owners as the CEO of, the firm internationally renowned for starting a security company and consulting related to growing and building security business. 

USPA Nationwide Security is focused on providing private security guard services in the continental United States. Utilizing our network of security and private investigation companies of the International Executive Security Association (IESA), USPA Nationwide Security has the ability to staff projects throughout the world in a moment’s notice.  

USPA Nationwide offers:

Security Guards, Armed Officers, Bodyguards, Executive Protection, Force Protection, Convoy Security, Asset Protection, Loss Prevention, Alarm Response and Installation, Security Consulting, Private Investigations and other security related projects. 

USPA Nationwide Security also offers building maintenance (janitors and night porters).  USPA Nationwide Security offers window cleaning, night porters, carpet cleaning, maintenance service and security guard services. We are a Security Guard Company that offers more than just security services. 
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Uniform Security Guards

USPA realizes the importance for our business and government clients to limit their liability and to implement loss prevention techniques.  Our uniformed security specialists are trained to the highest standard in contract guarding.  Uniformed security specialists can make all the difference when your premises are becoming the target for shoplifting or vandalism.  The presence of uniformed security guards acts to deter criminal behavior while affording your clientele and or guests the luxury of a safe environment.  Our Uniformed Security Specialists can be utilized to provide security services in any setting.  Our specialties include:

Loss Prevention

The USPA Loss Prevention Specialists are trained to proactively deter criminal behavior in your establishment and apprehend violators who attempt to steal your property.  Our specialists can be utilized to:

* Institute, enforce and coordinate security policies and procedures to safeguard and protect the security of company assets, personnel, customers and visitors. 

* Monitor and investigate incidents requiring utilization of investigative procedures and enforcing company security rules and regulations. 

* Coordinate and administer all phases of property personal security protection. 

* Advise and make recommendations to management regarding employee acts of deviant behavior, or non-compliance issues.

* Evaluate security issues and recommend corrective physical security strategies to the operations staff. 

* Conduct interviewing and interrogation applications of suspects. 

* Conduct physical security audits at divisions and retail locations. 

* Assist in financial recovery of fraudulent documents at retail level
Time Sharing Service

USPA offers a unique service that allows small and medium size businesses to share the costs of security services.  Our firm affords both commercial and residential clients the opportunity to access several types of protection including, but not limited to: property inspections, mobile patrols and guard services during non-business hours, at a low cost.  By sharing the costs of a security presence with other surrounding businesses, you can effectively deter criminal behavior and reduce your chances of elevated insurance premiums through decreased claims and asset protection.  To assist in prevention, deterrence and recognition of theft related activities, our highly trained security agents will patrol your property in clearly marked vehicles during non-business hours.  If any criminal activity is evident, our security specialists will notify local law enforcement immediately.  

Many small businesses and homeowners believe that the costs of guard services are too high for them to afford.  By sharing the costs with surrounding owners the price per day becomes minimal.  Don’t hesitate to call USPA today, and get a free consultation designed to meet the needs for you and your business environment.  USPA will tailor a specific, low cost security solution program utilizing mobile patrols for you and your businesses neighbors.

K-9 Security Service

The main function of the Canine Division is to patrol and assist the Executive Protection and Event Security Divisions as back up, as well as, aid in any situation, which necessitates the utilization of a canine. The Canine Division is sometimes called upon to assist in searches for missing persons, property and other items.  

The canine unit is currently comprised of two canines and their handlers. The dogs and handlers spend more than 400 hours in training to develop the special bond required to serve as reliable partners. The dogs are also trained to detect the odor of controlled substances, conduct tracks, searches and apprehensions. 

Park Security

USPA is dedicated to ensuring that our parks are a safe and enjoyable place for public use. USPA Security Officers strive to meet the safety needs of the community through persistent efforts toward crime reduction and security, and by collaboration with law enforcement agencies to forge and improve community involvement and use of our parks and beaches.  USPA management has particular experience in park law enforcement administration. 

Hotel Security Service / Doormen

Fears of further terrorist attacks have impacted the hotel industry.  Guests elect to abstain from venturing into the larger cities because of the lack of effective security measures being utilized.  Like a domino effect, vacancy rates rise and hotels tend to slash their security budgets.  USPA offers a cost effective and comprehensive solution for the optimal use of budgetary allowances slated for the protection of the hotel’s guests.  Together with our corporate partners, we are able to create a feeling of community once again in your hotels.

Security Bike Patrol

USPA has found Bicycle Patrol to be very beneficial. Our Bicycle Patrol Operatives are accessible to the public and it promotes close community relations. The Bicycle Patrol Division focuses on being a visible deterrent to crime and an approachable source of assistance and information for our clientele and their associates. Bicycle Patrol Operatives, on their bikes, can see over the heads of most pedestrians and over most vehicles. The bikes also provide speed and mobility through crowded or narrow streets.  Bike Patrol Operatives are utilized to work closely with business owners and citizens to help develop solutions to insure public safety during special events and in the everyday task of providing uniformed security.  The flexibility, approachability and problem-solving interaction of the Bicycle Patrol is consistent with USPA’s focus on Community Policing.

Estate Security Service

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 82% of all home burglaries were committed by forcible entry, the majority of those burglaries occurred during periods of owner absenteeism. USPA’s Estate Security & Property Management service provides absentee owners with the piece of mind in knowing that their home or investment property is well protected while they are not present to watch over it. Most people would agree that their property is most vulnerable to intrusion and vandalism during absentee periods. However, many homeowners do not take the initiative to protect themselves and continue to leave their properties unattended for significant periods of time. In addition to increasing the probability of becoming a victim of vandalism and burglary, these absentee periods can also create opportunities for suspects to enter the properties in order to initiate assaults on the owner once he/she returns, particularly for high-profile individuals. As a way to provide added value to our Estate Security service, US Protection Agency has developed a comprehensive Property Management program. In addition to external surveillance, our firm offers a comprehensive management package to seasonal residents. Our Property Management Program includes:

* Alarm response and representation

* Furnace and oil-burner safety checks

* Comprehensive pipe and plumbing inspection service

* Thermostat adjustment as needed

* Uniformed personnel on-site when outside laborers are on premise.

You can rest easy at night knowing that our firm has your property protected inside and out.

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