USPA Nationwide Security, formerly USPA or US Protection Agency,  is the nation’s largest private security contractor. Based in New York City and operating in every contiguous state and Alaska and Hawaii, USPA Nationwide Security Services offers security guards (officers) armed guards, loss prevention agents, canine security, event security protection executive protection (bodyguards) security consulting services and private investigations. Also, USPA Nationwide features a private prisoner transport team for high profile and covert operations. Michael Evans, President of USPA Nationwide Security and former CEO to US Protection Agency in New York City has been appointed by the board of directors as the presiding officer in charge of national affairs. Michael Evans is also known to thousands of security company owners as the CEO of, the firm internationally renowned for starting a security company and consulting related to growing and building security business.

USPA Nationwide Security is focused on providing private security guard services in the continental United States. Utilizing our network of security and private investigation companies of the International Executive Security Association (IESA), USPA Nationwide Security has the ability to staff projects throughout the world in a moment’s notice. 

USPA Nationwide offers:

Security Guards, Armed Officers, Bodyguards, Executive Protection, Force Protection, Convoy Security, Asset Protection, Loss Prevention, Alarm Response and Installation, Security Consulting, Private Investigations and other security related projects.

USPA Nationwide Security also offers building maintenance (janitors and night porters).  USPA Nationwide Security offers window cleaning, night porters, carpet cleaning, maintenance service and security guard services. We are a Security Guard Company that offers more than just security services.
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Security Consulting Service

USPA can assist in reviewing your company’s security and safety programs and provide insight to lessen your liability exposure. We can set up your security program, evaluate property security, prepare security manuals, provide employee training, and lead regional or national seminars for your company.

We assess each client's needs and provide timely, accurate, confidential, and cost-effective service.  Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Physical Safety and Security Tours of Each Property

* Review of Incident Reports and Other Foreseeability Issues

* Property Manual Review and Preparation

* International Travel Security Consulting & Protection Service

* Review of Property Security Procedures and Equipment

* Management and Employee Safety and Security Training

* Business Intelligence & Counter Intelligence

* In-house Security Rules and Procedures

Spotter Service

Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are remarkably easy targets for theft.  A professional spotter scrutinizes the bartenders, waitresses, and the doormen.  USPA spotters take the guesswork out of the service industry, which has been historically notorious for reporting loss due to dishonesty in their employees.  USPA spotters have decades of experience in the nightclub and bar industry and they can be utilized to:

* Conduct surveillance on bartenders

* Conduct surveillance on doormen

* Document the incidents of theft or customer abuse

* Testify in court on behalf of the establishment

Business Intelligence Service

USPA, Inc. Business Intelligence Agents leverage trusted research and analysis to deliver fact-based, actionable advice on all phases of market strategy and tactics.

With a worldwide perspective, product and service market depth and breadth, and proven methodologies, we offer unmatched expertise and a superior knowledge of today's local and global marketplace challenges.

Our technology, telecommunications and vertical industry analysts join our experienced consultants on a project team with a commitment to delivering proprietary conclusions and recommendations that will make your business more successful. You must always be on the look out for the next opportunities or threats within your market sector. To alert you to global trends predicted to influence consumer markets USPA, Inc. has developed our own version of Strategy Briefings. They offer insight into the opportunities and challenges you need to address to maintain a competitive advantage in a changing consumer landscape. Their detailed quantitative and qualitative research allows you to evaluate a market from your own unique perspective and develop strategies to exploit new opportunities.

USPA Business intelligence Agents can also be utilized to infiltrate hard to reach positions within your competitor industry.  Our agents will provide you with a comprehensive report of the confidential information requisite for advancing your firm's knowledge base of competitor activity.  Our agents are also available for confidential assignments, worldwide, related to union matters and  other sensitive matters.

Travel Warnings / International Travel Security

USPA Security Travel Consultants are on-call 24 hours a day to consult with our clientele.  Our team is constantly monitoring any travel warning, far before they reach the media or other public sources. USPA consultants have an up to the minute list of countries that Americans should avoid for reasons, such as:

* Health conditions

* Crime

* Unusual currency or entry requirements

* Areas of instability

We will provide you with currency information,  the location of the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the subject country, local emergency phone numbers, and we can provide you with around the clock Executive Protection.  USPA will provide you with full details about how to register with a U.S. Embassy, evacuation plans, and provide you with a full report of the area prior to your travel.  Our "know before you go" service will provide you with local laws, regional disease information, kidnapping safety tips, regional crime statistics, gangs, extremist groups, and safe zones.   We will also assist  in making arrangements for car service, hotels, dining and entertainment. 
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