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USPA Nationwide Security, formerly USPA or US Protection Agency,  is the nation’s largest private security contractor. Based in New York City and operating in every contiguous state and Alaska and Hawaii, USPA Nationwide Security Services offers security guards (officers) armed guards, loss prevention agents, canine security, event security protection executive protection (bodyguards) security consulting services and private investigations. Also, USPA Nationwide features a private prisoner transport team for high profile and covert operations. Michael Evans, President of USPA Nationwide Security and former CEO to US Protection Agency in New York City has been appointed by the board of directors as the presiding officer in charge of national affairs. Michael Evans is also known to thousands of security company owners as the CEO of, the firm internationally renowned for starting a security company and consulting related to growing and building security business. 

USPA Nationwide Security is focused on providing private security guard services in the continental United States. Utilizing our network of security and private investigation companies of the International Executive Security Association (IESA), USPA Nationwide Security has the ability to staff projects throughout the world in a moment’s notice.  

USPA Nationwide offers:

Security Guards, Armed Officers, Bodyguards, Executive Protection, Force Protection, Convoy Security, Asset Protection, Loss Prevention, Alarm Response and Installation, Security Consulting, Private Investigations and other security related projects. 

USPA Nationwide Security also offers building maintenance (janitors and night porters).  USPA Nationwide Security offers window cleaning, night porters, carpet cleaning, maintenance service and security guard services. We are a Security Guard Company that offers more than just security services. 
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USPA security is a security guard company in New York. Offering New York security guards, armed guards and New York security guard services for hire. Our New York security guards are all licensed private security officer is operating in the state of New York. USPA security offers armed guards, security guards, other security services in New York. All of our New York security guards are licensed by the department of state, Division of Licensing services to provide security Guard services in New York City, Long Island, and all five boroughs of New York. USPA security was founded in 2005 by Michael Evans, and is now one of the largest security guard companies in the world. Our New York office provides New York security guards in Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County and Suffolk County New York. If you are looking for a security guard service in New York, USPA security is your source for licensed security guard services
How to hire a security guard Company
If you're the one who is trying to find a security service then you want to be thinking that what queries you wish to raise whereas doing that!
You might be thinking that however can to differentiate between several security guard services, so you'll be able to get the most effective one out there for you. Well, you ought to not worry concerning this matter any longer as we tend to are here to assist you with this matter, so you'll be able to get the most effective security guard services. 
Well, we are going to tell you every and everything that ought to be thought of before trying to find watcher corporations. By the tip of this text you may be ready to make a choice from the highest notch security guards, and may choose the one that suits you the foremost.
We have compiled a listing of queries you ought to raise before you're going for a security guard Company: that the security guard company a National Chain or is it regionally closely-held
It is suggested that you just ought to rummage around for a regionally closely-held watcher company, the one that could be a little business. Well, what's the explanation behind trying out the regionally closely-held company? it's that, the little business company can serve you higher than the national chain. Why? as a result of for the National chain you may be some random consumer, except for the little business you may be one among some, get additional attention and therefore the company will treat you higher. you may get the signaling of the boss himself, and not of some center service wherever you may should refer to the representatives.
2.what quantity client care destined the corporate is
You will should realize a corporation that is client care destined and that they think about it their priority. the safety is after all the quantity one goal of the corporate, however right then the foremost necessary one is client care. If you bought a corporation with dangerous client care then you ought to not rent them as you may should suffer lots subsequently.
3.Security particularly
You need to find out some things concerning the corporate and among then you ought to make certain whether or not the corporate has a sole business of security, or they're running another business with it. you wish to find out, what the most focus of the corporate is. There are some corporations that are running several alternative businesses with the safety one, such as, landscaping, parking or improvement. 
So, if the corporate is running alternative business with the safety one, you should rethink it. it's not suggested that you just opt for the corporate that's not having security as their main focus. they're going to not be specialists during this field therefore you ought to check some company with only 1 focus that's after all, security.
Then then, there are additional exceptions thereto.
For example, if you're hiring the safety for a few events as you're hosting an occurrence, then you ought to rummage around for some event connected security company. Now, if you're trying to find armed bodyguard sort of service, then you've got to travel for the identical sort of company. currently you recognize that however you're visiting totally differentiate between different services of the businesses and so choose the proper one for you.
4.What are the uniform choices of the corporate
Now, this can be important question that you just have to raise before obtaining the services, do the corporate offers differing kinds of uniforms for various events/services? 
For instance, the corporate ought to provide totally different uniforms as, clothing, suits, t-shirts, polo shirts and after all the foremost common one, the police-style complete uniform. If the corporate is providing only 1 sort of uniform then what if you wish it for a distinct event? What are you visiting do then? therefore, you ought to rummage around for a corporation WHO is providing most styles of uniforms so you may not should face any trouble for any quite event. of the corporate
Well, however are you visiting comprehend the name of the company? nowadays it's really easy to see that!
Of course, Google has the power to inform you concerning the company’s name. you'll be able to see the reviews and ratings of alternative customers concerning the corporate so you may return to grasp concerning the name that's it sensible or dangerous. you'll be able to conjointly check the reviews and ratings of the previous customers on Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. 
There is yet one more plan to test the name of the corporate that you just will raise the corporate to produce you with the consumer references. you ought to speak with them to grasp if they're glad with the services or not. By doing that you just will get the concept if this company is for you or not.
You can conjointly check the reviews of the workers operating there, if they feel sensible then it'll indicate towards the great name of the corporate.
Now, you may should try whether or not the corporate is willing to accommodate your wants or not. after all you're visiting offer them together with your own schedule of hours. If they're not able to accommodate you on your schedule then this suggests that company isn't excellent suitable you.
A few additional things to contemplate
Now here are some problems listed that require to be thought of before going for a corporation, allow us to have a glance on them.
Here you go:
Is the corporate insured and licensed: 
The Company should be ready to show the proof of insurance, ought to be ready to provide current and valid state licenses. you ought to try these items before hiring so you may be assured that however things are visiting work on later.
Are the guards trained well: 
This is the foremost necessary issue whereas you're finalizing the corporate for your safety needs? aside from all the items about the corporate, you've got to form positive that are the guards well trained or not? The guards should be professionally trained so they'll cop up with all the hazards that are visiting be in your manner. you wish to test this issue get in order to shield the security of your business or yourself. If the guard isn't ready to manage the emergency scenario then this suggests that it's visiting value you lots. 
Moreover, the safety guard corporations offer every type of trainings to their guards, counting on the event kind. 

What concerning the value
Just because a corporation is supplying you with the bottom bid, you ought to not instantly opt for it. Why? as a result of they could be supplying you with the bottom bid however the low services further. So, you ought to rummage around for the corporate that completely fits your security wants so you may not should face the force of your looseness shortly. 
As so much because the value or rating is anxious you wish to raise some inquiries to get a clearer plan of what you're visiting get:
When do i've got to pay the bill for the services, can or not it's weekly, bi-weekly, or is it visiting be monthly?
If I rent quite one security guard, do i've got to pay them separately? Or do i've got to produce the monthly flat rate, or is it hourly rate set for every hiring?
Does your company needs to cowl the prices of provides, instrumentality and uniforms?
Are there the other services side that may tend free or not?
In the finish when obtaining answers to all or any these queries you may should make certain the costs provided are in accordance together with your budget. If you're feeling that it's simple to manage with those costs and everything else is sweet then you ought to opt for the hiring security guards. during this case you may get what you've got purchased, nothing but that.
It is identified that one among the foremost troublesome task is to search out a certified and capable security guard, for any guard company and owner. it's troublesome thanks to the capabilities and qualification one ought to have whereas being thought of as a security guard don't seem to be solely the nice and cozy or immense body. Normally, folks suppose that solely a large and sensible build body is enough to be a security guard however this can be not the case as a result of hiring a watcher could be a troublesome job. you've got to stay in mind that you just don't should disappoint your customers and it's your responsibility to require all the guardianship from your facet, the negligence of appointing somebody that's unable enough to perform the work mustn't be done. it'll not solely upset your customers however conjointly it'll leave a picture that your company is being negligent appointing the safety guard. 
As a guard manager it's your duty to stay all the necessary factors in mind, as a result of it's your ethical and skilled duty to try to to therefore. As a security guard manner you've got to stay your skilled duty in your mind and method in step with it, the most effective thanks to have a go at it is that you just will target the W’s principle that America WHO, when, what, where, why and the way. This explains virtually everything that you just ought to follow whereas hiring the safety guard, by excavation in to the small print as a security manager you'll be able to create this troublesome job terribly simple. Let’s discuss however you'll be able to have a go at it simply while not facing an excessive amount of trouble:
“Who ought to be hired?”
Inquire concerning the criminal background:
It is obvious that checking or investigation concerning someone’s background will be expensive and time taking together with that it will exhausting too. There are many countries during which you're needed for officer licensing you've got to use caution that you just don't skip that. There are several judgments that indicate that the businesses who rent the safety guards with none investigation or inquiring concerning the past list will be dragged in to hassle. There are like multimillion judgements on this specific issue against the businesses, the court ne'er supports such AN act. cognitive content of law isn't AN excuse within the court conjointly if you're being negligent you've got to face the results then
Consider those with sensible interactional/communicational skills:
It is a field during which there's a necessity of interaction and social skills, one needs to keep this in mind whereas applying for this job and therefore the security container ought to too whereas hiring anyone for the work. On the day of interview it's to form positive that you just check their interactive skills and you're purported to attempt to decide them on this basis. The factors that you just should detain mind are the behavior of the person and ensure concerning few things that are their manner of talking, walking is skilled or not? Or if it’s not will or not it's created higher somehow or there's no likelihood that even the coaching can’t fix it. you've got to stay a check on their manner of dealing and the way they represent themselves before of the officers or others.
 This one doesn't should be explained as a result of it's obvious that anyone that you just need to rent ought to pass the drug screen test as a result of it's important in any skilled. But, security guard is one among those jobs that you just should ensure that the person you're considering to rent ought to pass the drug audition.
“Where to rent from”
The coaching colleges associated with the safety: If you own a business of security guards management and your company conjointly has institutes wherever you offer a correct steering or coaching to the folks you're visiting rent then you're already visiting get lots of favor and profit as a result of you'll be able to train the security guard as you wish ad prepare him in step with the work demand and therefore the customers’ would like. If you are doing not have correct coaching colleges or institutes for the safety guards then you wish to require favor from any partner that will therefore. as a result of coaching is incredibly necessary and it's helpful for your own company and its management. It will increase your customers as a result of you'll be able to simply provide them a certificate and absurdity that your security guards are trained enough and are capable of playacting the roles they need. within the case wherever you've got your own coaching colleges you'll be able to choose the foremost capable ones from their and rent them however just in case you don’t then you'll be able to contact alternative institutes that train the safety guards. 
The web site: you wish to keep up your website and keep active their the maximum amount as doable as a result of it's important, the profit is that the those that suppose that they're capable of the work will submit their resumes directly there and this service ought to be out there to them 24/7 as a result of it'll be easier a convenient. except for that you just should place less efforts by avoiding the paper work and you'll be able to simply house it on-line. the method of analysis will be fasten up too.
Your social media channels: currently a day’s social media plays a vital role in hiring any skilled as a result of it's accessible to everybody. If you place up a poster over there you'll be able to simply go see might folks approaching you for the work. Eve it's a best thanks to increase your customers by showing off the capabilities and coaching of your security guards and the way they'll be best option for them. you've got to clarify this on your social media channels that why ought to folks like better to take services from you and conjointly why the skilled security guards ought to work with and be part of your team.
When to be employed
Almost all the time: the foremost necessary half in hiring the safety guards is that you just should ensure that once you are visiting rent them, the entire arrange needs to be sorted out. there's little question that it a time taking method and you are doing not should get yourself dragged in to hassle by hiring the folks in a very hurry. There are typically once you should rent somebody as a security guard thanks to the emergency circumstances or something of that kind. If that's the condition, even still you've got to stay yourself calm and you've got to require some time. in a very company you've got to typically face the circumstances wherever you wish folks directly thanks to any circumstance. To deal with that scenario you've got to stay this in your mind all the time concerning hiring the safety guards as a result of there will be some times once you would like lots of individuals all of a fast. There ought to be a continued interviewing method during which you retain evaluating folks and obtain them hand-picked and trained as before long as doable.
How to rent the safety guards
As just about of it's explained that you just should ensure the drug screening check, you've got to test the communication skills, you've got to test the intellect level and therefore the criminal background etc. however this all are basics and there's most additional thereto, you ought to higher keep the however half I the mind further. once you are through with what, when, where, why you've got to target the however half as a result of it plays an important role further so as to form positive that there's no negligence in hiring someone on your half.
The however half includes the technological power of the candidates that needs to be tested , I the past few years it will be detected that the safety guards are needed and demanded to use additional technology connected devices. it's become one among the foremost necessary demand by the shoppers further that they demand the safety guard to be trained in everything, one among them is that the use of technology with none mistakes. it's to be created positive that the safety guards that you just like better to rent for the work ought to be capable enough of doing all the work associated with the technologies as a result of there's most to handle. the safety guards needs to encounter lots of technologies within the operating hours like as an example managing CCTV cameras, time period guard tour trailing, software package associated with the guard news. 
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USPA Nationwide Security is a global security guard company with a focus on providing security guard services including, security guards, bodyguards, fire watch security services, armed guards and traditional security services. USPA Nationwide Security is part of the network, under the umbrella of USPA International, a dedicated close protection service operating in 14 countries providing bodyguard services, close protection convoy security and path-finding services in high risk zones. Our collaborative and efficient approach to security services helps our clients reduce costs, manage risk and create a safe working environment. Our values define how we work with our security clients as they are a main reason for our success. The USPA brand has grown from a one-man security guard company on Long Island in 2005, to a multi-national security guard firm operating in all 50 states and in 14 countries. USPA Nationwide Security sets the standard in the industry by which other firms and security guard companies have measured and emulated their own policies and procedures. 

We support the 21st century business person with 21st-century security guard services. USPA also has a technology company, USPA Technologies, which develops apps in the security and law enforcement field and are used all over the world today. At USPA Nationwide Security, our core services are security guards, bodyguards, armed security officers, event security, estate security and traditional security guard services. At USPA International Security, our core services are convoy security, pathfinding services, prisoner transport service, private policing in areas such as Africa, anti-kidnapping and kidnapping recovery services.​

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USPA Security is part of the network of security firms owned by USPA international. Providing security guard services, armed security guards, bodyguards, fire watch security and close protection services. 

USPA International Security – Provides close protection, bodyguards, anti-kidnapping, kidnap recovery, security in high risk zones. Operates in 14 countries. US Security Services areas: New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana

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There’s a reason why USPA Nationwide Security has grown from a one-man security guard company in 2005, to a multinational security company operating and 14 countries and all 50 states - providing security guards, bodyguards, armed security officers, executive protection, event security, estate security and emergency fire watch services. We developed a Certified Contractor Program long before the word ‘security contractor’ was the main stream thing. The CEO of all of the USPA Security brands is also the CEO of USPA Technologies which developed an app, similar to Uber, where we have pre-screened security guards at the ready that can be at your location within minutes utilizing the same technology as Uber. We do not share that technology with other security companies, so we have more than 3000 security guards at the ready at a moment’s notice, and that is not just a tagline, but a reality. Security Guard Franchise

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